Comixology puts HD comics around the new iPad

Comixology puts HD comics around the new iPad

Comixology puts HD comics around the new iPad

Digital comics have to do with to obtain a good deal better: Comixology, publishers of the largest comics-studying application on iOS, is going to unveil a brand new version that allows high-resolution graphics only for the Retina display located on the new iPad.

The present form of the Comics application already looks very good around the new iPad, because it can engage in resolution that formerly was just revealed whenever you zoomed in on the page. However the latest version, that has been posted to Apple and really should launch soon, is just mind-blowing.

I’d an opportunity to make use of a pre-release copy from the update on my small third-generation iPad, and also the new files-which Comixology describes as “CMX-HD” format-are spectacular. I just read issue #1 of Saga, the brand new book from Y: The Final Man and Ex Machina author John K. Vaughan, in CMX-HD format. The sci-fi/fantasy/fairy-tale features some gorgeous art by Fiona Staples that appears better still in hd. Not just are colors crisp and vibrant around the new Retina display, but text is razor-sharp and wrinkles are visible as straight lines instead of pixelated blurs.

The main difference in resolution around the apple ipad 2 (left) and also the new iPad (right) is dramatic. Click to determine full-sized.In accordance to Comixology Chief executive officer David Steinberger, CMX-HD files-that are only downloaded if you work with the brand new iPad-are between two and three occasions the quality of standard issues. Comixology hopes to obtain the file sizes lower further, but “image quality is of first importance,” Steinberger stated.

Comixology is attempting to upgrade its entire catalog of comics to CMX-HD format as rapidly as you possibly can, so older comics is going to be upgraded within the next several several weeks. Should you possess a comic that will get upgraded to CMX-HD format, you will be motivated to re-download the comic within the greater-quality format. There isn’t any upgrade fee, nor do HD-capable comics are more expensive than other comics. Steinberger estimates that 90 % from the existing material within the Comixology library will ultimately be upgraded to CMX-HD, while “nearly 100 percent” of recent releases is going to be obtainable in our prime-resolution format.



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