Apple sells 100 million iPods

Apple sells 100 million iPods

Apple sells 100 million iPods

Apple announced it has offered its 100 millionth ipod device on Monday, claiming this news means the unit is just about the fastest selling very good music player ever.

The very first ipod device was offered five . 5 years back, in November 2001, and also, since then Apple features over ten new models, including five generations of ipod device, two generations of ipod device small, two generations of ipod device nano and 2 generations of ipod device shuffle.

“At this historic milestone, you want to thank music enthusiasts everywhere to make ipod device this kind of incredible success,” stated Apple Chief executive officer, Jobs. “iPod helps huge numbers of people all over the world rekindle their desire for music, and we’re happy to take part in that.”

“It’s difficult to remember things i did prior to the ipod device,” stated Mary J. Blige, Grammy Award-winning singer. “iPod is not only an mp3 player, it’s extra time of the personality and a terrific way to take songs along with you wherever you go.Inches

The organization also observed the short-paced evolution from the third-party ipod device ecosystem, with more than 4,000 accessories available these days particularly for that ipod device. Over 70 percent of 2007-model US automobiles presently offer ipod device connectivity, the organization added.

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