Apple tops Android running a business activations, but Surface claims the workday usage crown

Apple tops Android running a business activations, but Surface claims the workday usage crown

Apple tops Android running a business activations, but Surface claims the workday usage crown

While Android is constantly on the dominate the general smartphone market, research published by Good Technology signifies that, running a business, it’s Apple store the upper hands.

However a separate report published by Chitika Insights states that business users really discover the Microsoft Surface tablet is easily the most helpful work tablet, in line with the frequency that it is users utilize it throughout the workday.

Neither report seems to become as comprehensive because the overall smartphone market report compiled Wednesday by IDC, which discovered that 79 percent from the 1 billion smartphones shipped during 2013 ran Android, departing iOS and Home windows Phone within the distinct minority.

Still, mobile security vendor Good Technology, sampling the five,000 enterprise customers it serves, found the alternative: that 73 percent of devices it tracked ran iOS, versus 26 % for Android. That’s up from 72 percent and 27 percent, correspondingly, versus one fourth ago. From the cellular devices, 54 percent of individuals were iPhones, 19 percent were iPads, 24 percent were Android phones, 2 percent were Android tablets, and merely 1 % were Home windows Phones.

Good didn’t say the number of total devices were measured.

Document editing, custom apps and file access composed 86 percent from the total enterprise apps activated around the tablet form factor throughout the 4th quarter, Good found. But document editing also was the very best application category for smartphones too, showing the small form factor wasn’t switching off business users. The up-and comer? Business intelligence, showing that apps like PowerBI for Stand out are winning converts.

Is Surface showing probably the most helpful? Barely

Last year, Microsoft shifted the main focus of their Surface tablet from entertainment to productivity, and it has maintained that attitude since. Searching limited to the millions of United States tablet-based online ad impressions taken within its ad network, Chitika figured that yes, Surface had been used probably the most frequently throughout the 9-5 working working day.

Nonetheless, the firm needed to strive to reach individuals figures. As you might expect, most tablet Website traffic flows with the iPad, which makes it typically the most popular tablet platform:

Peak viewing hrs for those tablets cluster around 9 PM, the firm found. And through the commute hrs, more commuters are taking out iPads to operate the net.

In comparison against its very own traffic, however, Chitika discovered that the top tablets were indeed getting used a little more than their competitors throughout the workday:

But, because the graphic shows, the race is nearly a defunct heat. Although Surface proprietors seem to be adopting Microsoft’s productivity message, the business’s bigger issue is just selling more Surfaces — which Microsoft does, according to its excellent 4th-quarter results, which saw Surface revenue greater than double.

“Regardless of the usage statistics presumably indicating some success for Microsoft in this region, the organization includes a lengthy approach to take before challenging Apple or Google when it comes to raw usage volume during working hrs,” Chitika concluded.

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