Nintendo Offers Wii-U Cost Cut Through Refurb

Nintendo Offers Wii-U Cost Cut Through Refurb

Nintendo Offers Wii-U Cost Cut Through Refurb

Cost slices refurbished hardware? Nintendo is providing a refurbished system on its official store.

The Wii U isn’t selling perfectly. With stiff competition from both Microsoft and The new sony, Nintendo is trailing behind in your home console market. Whether it wasn’t because of its dominance within the handheld gaming space, the legendary game company could be in an enormous amount of trouble. Possibly they are still. Either in situation, Nintendo needs to behave to try and raise the sales of their console.

But this isn’t it.

Based on the official Nintendo Online shop, the organization has become selling refurbished Wii U systems for $250.00. This is actually the official store description on the website.

“The Wii U Luxurious Set has become like a geniune Nintendo Refurbished set only from Nintendo, and it arrives with our standard twelve months warranty. Even though it might have minor cosmetic blemishes, it’s certain to be completely functional. We believe there is a standards for Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Goods are High.Inch

Although it does have a 1-year warranty, why would anybody buy this? A completely new, not scratched, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker bundle costs only $50.00 more at places like GameStop or Best To Buy.

We are able to reason that this can provide some kind of boost since Nintendo’s refurbished products “are VERY high” in quality which bundle is less costly than a replacement. However, we’re unsure how appealing this really is towards the average consumer.


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