MU Online Season 6-3 update?

MU Online Season 6-3 update?

MU Online Season 6-3 update?

Webzen announced the discharge of worldwide MU Online Season 6-3 update on 12 , 21, 2011 GST.

This update is principally planning to update an expert skill tree of melee-attack character ‘Rage Fighter’. Meanwhile, doppelganger event renewal, another a part of Season 6-3 update, will be performed at the begining of 2012 being an additional patch.

The Trend Fighter’s master skill is categorized into 3 trees (Spirit, Will, and Destruction) and, like other classes, existing skills could be advanced combined with the selected tree.

Soon after the update, Webzen holds unprecedentedly massive castle siege event on Xmas Day and in addition, Webzen prepares for special occasions for example 200% EXP Boost and invitation to Santa Village in celebration of Christmas.

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